Saturday, March 12, 2011

The House On Hope Street

Title : The House On Hope Street (Used, Condition 9/10)
Author : Danielle Steel
Price : RM 23.00
Format : Paperback
Status : Sold


Ah Win said...

i am a new comer..just recently read novel from this author n instantly falling in love with it...i wonder if i would like to purchase all three titles of the books available (from the same writer) ..is it possible?
well, the price is extremely affordable i must say

how should i proceed after this?


hi...all three books are still available. so semua RM 23.00 x 3 = RM 69.00.

After discount 15% (RM 10.35, round off to RM 10.50), so harga buku = RM 58.50.
Total= RM 58.50 + RM 10.00 (postage for 3 books) = RM 68.50

Ah Win bole bank in ke My Maybank Acc 151 070 970 216 (Rafizah Hanim).

Please leave ur name, address and phone no.

Let me know if u already bank in. I used kangaroo courier, normally in 2 days u can receive ur books.


p/s: i selalu baca blog u. I am a teacher too. hihihihi

Ah Win said...

ok...nnt kalao i bank in kan...i'll let u know.


hi ah win.. just wondering, jadi ke beli buku danielle steel ni? thanx.

Ah Win said...

jadi...skrg tunggu gaji...esok i bank in..of btw...sorry lambat bg tau..nak bgtau awal2 segan sbb duit gaji x masuk lg

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